You will need
  • Sharp knife, pliers, adapters.
To connect multiple TVs to cable television, you'll need to perform some action. First, you need to purchase a splitter is a device whose purpose is the distribution of signal to multiple outputs. Resembles a tee to outlets, only for a coaxial cable.
Using the tools connected the main cable to the tee and then the cable from the TV to the splitter. All inputs need to pinch with pliers, because it affects the signal quality. After the work done we get a signal on all televisions at each of them, you can watch different channels at the same time.
The second method belongs to connect TV sets to satellite television. It's all much more complicated than the cable signal. Mainly, you will need to determine how you are connected receiver to your TV. At the moment, there are different types of connectors. The most popular are the type of ports VGA, DVI and HDMI. They are all different and connect the VGA cable to the HDMI port directly you will not succeed.
It is possible to connect will need to buy the adapter, because the splitters that you require, there are only VGA and DVI ports. It should be noted that the use of the adapter significantly reduces the quality of transmission of picture and sound.
To carry out this operation of the tools you'll need the same knife and pliers. Also when you connect two or more TVs to one cable satellite TV, all TV sets will show the same channel.
The best way in this case is to order a special receiver, which will output different channels to all connected TVs.