Consider the placement of the cable in the apartment depending on the layout, sequence of repair works, as well as the size of your TV and location it in the flat. Organize cable distribution system, which is particularly relevant if you want to connect multiple TV sets in the apartment. Place the rack with switching in the hallway.
If your house has a satellite TV, route the cable from the antenna to each tiliroside. Get the cable from the satellite dish from the front.
If you have the apartment has an ordinary cable - TV, insert the cable from the stairwell of tower provider of cable television in the apartment distribution Board. Connect the cable no more than two televisions, so as not to cause disruptions of the signal due to overloading of the distribution network.
Guide to the installation of television outlets from a distribution Cabinet cable of type RG-6. Later in such TV outlet it will be possible to connect the TV and different digital devices.
If you have IPTV, you'll need a computer outlet. In this socket you will need to connect your IPTV set-top box that attaches to the computer via the corresponding inputs.
In the case when cable TV in the house combined with the satellite cables from your satellite dish lay, as usual, in the housing Cabinet, which, in turn, route the cable to the TV outlets. To combine the signal from two sources-television, use, use the dual-band power sockets and diplexors.