To accept modern digital signal on analog TV needed an antenna and set-top box, known as a digital receiver or decoder. And to the antenna and to the console, there are certain requirements, observing that you can get a modern, quality picture and same sound.


Do not hurry with the purchase of this device, if your location has digital TV broadcasting has not yet organized. Should wait to start digital TV to test the decoder in the store. The receiver is a compact electronic device that receives the signal from the antenna, then converts it and gave to a television receiver. Buying the console in the first place inquire about its compliance with Russian requirements on the network CETV; the device should be optimized for the broadcast standard DVB-T2 support MPEG4 video mode and Multiple-PLP.

But this is only the minimum: if you expect to take a pay program, then the necessary conditional access (Cam-module), and if you plan to record programs, the device must be USB port. It is worth the possibility of consoles make the channels broadcasting in HD mode, i.e. high definition. Additional features of consoles include a power indicator of the received signal, which helps to determine the most optimal antenna position.


Such may even be absent, if the reception is in the vicinity of a powerful television transmitter. But this option is not available to all citizens, so the antenna is still needed. If you stay relatively close to the TV tower you can use an ordinary indoor antenna: if your TV confidently took the analog signal, so it will be good to take and digital. The main requirement to the outdoor antenna – reliable reception range UHF (or UHF). The owners of a private home can supply the antenna-receiving device on the rooftop, residents of multi-storey urban buildings, you can use the balcony or try to achieve a stronger signal, securing the antenna on the wall or even the ceiling.

If you live in zones of uncertain reception of TV signals, you need to install an external antenna on the mast, which is recommended to use a metal pipe with a diameter less than 4 cm (don't forget the ground). Its height is determined by the remoteness of the towers and terrain. Also gives good results with the application of television amplifiers, which works with the analogue way of broadcasting.