The antenna cable is badly bent, so proper installation requires a flexible adapter. In the commercially available connectors for the antenna cable with a diameter of 6 mm thick Central core.
For mounting the connector, do not need soldering equipment. Remove the top insulation to a length of about 20 mm. Trim the top layer of insulation around the circumference. Try not to damage the metallic braid. Braid, wrap the outside of the cable like a sock.
Remove the inner insulation of the Central core. On the wrapped braid using a pair of pliers screw the nut. The coaxial connector is ready. Screw it on the antenna plug. To connect to the antenna multiple receivers, connect the plug to the splitter and antenna amplifier.
The capacity of the antenna cable with the goal of lengthening is made through a device connector, the usual twisting or soldering will lead to a deterioration of the operating parameters of the cable. Another option of increasing the antenna cable using a special flexible cord. Assembled extension cable is a drum placed on it flexible antenna wire, the closed plastic housing.
When using hard antenna cable should not bend or collapse the coils – this can lead to a significant deterioration of signal quality.