The benefits of digital TV

Digital TV is a modern alternative to the standard analogue TV. With this technology the image quality is significantly better at the same cost of funds. The essence of this technology is that television signals are digital sequence of combinations of electrical impulses. Digital technologies provide new opportunities for transmitting and receiving data.

Digital television has its advantages. For example, mobility. No need to stretch wires and cables, all you need is a TV antenna, a digital receiver and plug. This is a standalone system that you can take, for example, to the country and to watch TV programs with the same high quality signal as in the city. In addition, digital TV, a large number of broadcast channels, and it is also possible to access the Internet, TV guide, etc.

Potential causes of interference

The digital signal is usually reliable, and is much better than analog, but even he is not immune from various kinds of interference. In any case deteriorate the quality of the broadcast, will have to find out why it happened. For example, if the TV shows go bad and noise, need to check the antenna. Maybe it was poorly installed or just messed up. Also, the antenna can break due to the large snowball or piece of ice. In addition, the TV may be difficult to show due to a broken television cable defective receiver, etc.

If you are connecting a digital TV masters filed a cable in the apartment, and further wiring was done by yourself (especially if the apartment is not one TV), you might have a bad contact in the tee. Interference can also be, if the TV is still a computer and they are connected via HDMI cable. Typically, the noise on TV start with the computer turned on, and as soon as the computer turns off, the image is again high-quality. In this case, interference may occur due to the fact that the ground of the computer (or video card with HDMI port).

If you live on the top floor and the signal is weak – may have oxidized or burnt nuts on the dividers, the equipment is not configured or failed optical receiver. The reasons for the occurrence of interference can be many and the easiest way is to call the master to find the true cause and fix it.