You will need
  • - splitter.
If you need to connect your TV to the same cable TV wire, then use a special splitter. This device is a kind tee, * branching coaxial cable. Connect one end of the splitter to the desired cable, and the remaining free slots connect with a TV using the right cables.
If you are using a receiver for obtaining access to satellite TV, then purchase an additional splitter. A lot depends on which channel you choose to connect the receiver to the TV. Currently freely available, you can easily find the splitters ports, VGA and DVI. Connect the accessory cable coming from the receiver. Connect it to your TV.
Remember that you can use additional adapters, allowing to connect the ports of VGA, DVI and HDMI together. Purchase any set of adaptors. Note that the use of these accessories significantly reduces the quality of the transmitted signal. Remember that under this option, connect the TV to a single cable, both devices will show a single channel.
Use splitter port VGA or DVI to connect the TV to the same connector of the graphics card of the computer. In this case, both devices will be identical signal, which is not always convenient.
The optimal solution is to use two types of connection. Connect the coaxial cable of a conventional antenna to both TVs by the method described above. Connect both devices to the receiver. This method will allow you the right time to switch the operating mode of the TV (receiver/antenna), thus providing you with the ability to select the desired channel. If you want to connect both TVs to satellite television, choose the company that installs their own single receiver serving the building or the entrance.