Old TVs Soviet production are for connection only one connector is the antenna input. The first option is to use an RF modulator (sometimes he is referred to as RF modulator). The essence of his work is the following. Audio and video signals from the DVD player to the input via RCA connectors, or "tulips". Then there is a transformation of the received signals, which are fed to the exit, and he, in turn, is connected to the antenna connector on the TV. As a separate module such modulators were used on the game console Sega. They can be purchased in specialized stores. Used to power the blocks 5 volts.
To implement the connection the DVD player can be altered in the TV. For this you will need to install the RCA Jack which will be fed a composite signal to put the switch. If your skill is not enough, take the TV in for service. Many of the masters are able to cope with this task.
If under the old TV refers to the model that has only one connector for connecting the audio signal, rather than two, the problem is solved in the following way. Connect the cable to the audio outputs of the DVD player. At the other end of the cable will have two connectors to connect to the TV – red and white. Take the white plug and connect it to the only connector on the TV intended for the audio signal. This connection option will provide a mono mode sound.
Next, you need to enable the appropriate mode in the settings of the TV. To do this, open the menu, select the section responsible for the sound setting and select the mode Mono L/Mono or some other similar name depending on the TV model.