Advice 1: How to check the antenna cable

The cable that connects the antenna with the TV, works fine only in the absence of short circuits and breaks. If the television signal is transmitted intermittently, be sure to check whether the reason for this cable.
How to check the antenna cable
Before making any measurements, be sure to first unplug all the TVs in the apartment from the network, and then cables from them.
If we are talking about the collective antenna, and the splitter in the get with the ohmmeter to the opposite end of the cable will fail. Will have to measure from the side of the plug. Check the resistance between the ring and pin plug. It should be several tens of ohms, due to the presence inside the amplifier, located in the stairwell, a matching resistor. If it is close to zero, a short circuit, and if close to the infinity open.
Work much easier in that case if the user has both ends of the cable. The simplest case occurs when the cable is connected to the indoor antenna. If it is equipped with an amplifier, disconnect power. Remove the antenna cover on the connection cable. Then using ohmmeter will ring first braid, and then the copper core of the cable the resistance should be close to zero. The resistance between them should be close to infinity.
When the cable is so long that connect an ohmmeter to both of its end is not possible, using this technique. Unplugging the cable from the antenna or a splitter from the plug, connect the ohmmeter between braid and inner core. It should show infinity. Now go to the opposite end of the cable and jumper. Go back to the ohmmeter — it should show a resistance close to zero.
To determine the location of damage, inspect the cable throughout its length. It is possible that you will find on it a dent — this is the place you need to carry out splicing. If the dent is not found, please connect it to the cable on one side of the ohmmeter. If earlier it turned out that there was a cliff on the opposite side, install the jumper, and if circuit, do not install it.
Asking the helper to monitor the ohmmeter, walk across the entire length of the cable, affecting it mechanically. Once the assistant will report on the change of the readings of the ohmmeter, stop and repair the damage. Note that damage may be more, and if eliminating one of them did not give result, try to find another.
After elimination of damage the ohmmeter and remove all jumpers and connect the cable back to the antenna (or splitter) and TV.
Do not work under tension.

Advice 2: How to extend TV cable

If your TV is placed at a considerable distance from the TV antenna or from cable satellite television, you will have to put in a little effort to lengthen the cable. In this case there is no need to move furniture together with equipment.
How to extend TV cable
You will need
  • - the antenna cable;
  • - F-connector;
  • - I connector;
  • - the antenna amplifier;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - solder;
  • - duct tape.
Look how the antenna cable is connected to your apartment. This can be a cable with solid or stranded wire in the center.
Will buy additional television cable of the required length, pre-measured it and adding a couple of meters. Necessarily of the same type as the existing. You can usually find it at any store that sells TV and radio or on the radio.
Buy two F - and one I-connector, i.e. two connectors of type "daddy" and one is "female". You can also use one combined connector "father-mother".
Prepare both cables. To do this, exactly, trim the edge of the cable, carefully cut about 15-20 mm of the upper insulation layer. Most importantly, do not damage the shield. Also, carefully wrap the braid back, remove foil, which is covered by cable.
Bare Central wire, cut it with 10-15 mm of insulation. Try not to break and cut off its careless movement.
Type cable F-type connector "dad". Screw it all the way. It lived Central, the cable should he fall into the Central connector and wrapped braid will be clamped between the outer sheath of the cable and the connector housing. The outside diameter of the connector will be a small piece of wire Central core. Cut it with scissors or clippers, leaving approximately 2-3 millimeters.
Similarly, connect the second cable. Now connect two F-connector of type "daddy" with I-connector type "mother".
Instead of the I-connector you can use a special antenna amplifier. It has inputs to connect F-connectors. This amplifier is required if cable is longer and the signal is lost.
If you are using a combined connector, one cable plug to F-connector, and the second a similar manner to the first connector.
You can solder together the wires using a soldering iron and solder. Be careful not to snap the wires together.
Useful advice
You can buy special ready antenna extension cable. He has fixed the connectors.
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