Pain, burning, redness...

If the soreness is accompanied by itching, burning, rash, redness of the skin or change its pigmentation, you should visit a dermatologist to exclude skin diseases. Soreness in a limited area of skin, followed by a rash, burning and itching can also be caused by insect bites, allergies or exposure to chemicals.

Remember, not have you had any contact recently with animals that could be carriers of infectious diseases, unfamiliar plants or household chemicals. Even if you did clean gloves, tiny splashes of aggressive chemical substances could get on the unprotected areas of the skin and cause discomfort.

The skin may redden and ache due to thermal burn. You are unlikely to forget that had spilled onto the hot water from the kettle, but sunburn can sometimes be a surprise – the fact that ultraviolet rays can still penetrate through the clouds. People often get severe burns in a cloud windy days, because they do not feel the heat and spend a lot of time under the bright rays.

If you are a long time in a room with low humidity, the skin may become dry and hurt when exposed to water, wind, through friction against the clothing. Insufficient moisture causes the appearance of small cracks, and peeling of the skin.

The appearance on the skin or under it painful seals, tumors, nodules – the reason for going to the surgeon. These symptoms may indicate inflammation of the lymph nodes, sweat glands, benign or malignant neoplasm.

If you have an unmodified skin.

Women prefer tight braids, bunches and pony-tails", often hurt the scalp due to excessive tightening. Change of hairstyle is easy to solve this problem.

If the skin there is no change, but touching it causes severe pain, it may be caused by neurological reasons. The pain is most often caused by destruction of nerve endings located in the skin.

Diseases like shingles or chickenpox, in rare cases, take place without the formation of visible lesions on the skin, but the skin on the body can be extremely sensitive, a touch can cause discomfort.

The increased sensitivity of the skin when rubbing against clothing, bedding, touch cause pain similar to the pain of a burn, occurs at high temperature. Sometimes it is due to past severe nervous shock, chronic stress.