Why skin hurts, but no fever?

Body aches can occur for many reasons. After hard work it is causing physical stress, illness – viruses and infections.

In addition to the aches and pains some people get insomnia and headaches. As for temperature, its increase is not always accompanied by aching in the bones.
Body aches may appear after the picnic as a result of bite of infected ticks. In this case it will be supplemented by the appearance on the body bubbles with clear content.

Why is this happening? Frequently the ache turns out to be a harbinger of respiratory disease or influenza, in which the body temperature is not necessarily increased immediately.

Beginning with aches and lung ailments, after a couple of hours flu covers the entire body and causes a sharp jump in temperature up to 40oC. If you do not pay attention to early signs of the disease in time, it can cause serious complications.

What other diseases can cause aches without fever?

The body aches in the absence of temperature can be linked with sicknesses caused by food poisoning. For example, in botulism the temperature may not be, but the aches, the lethargy, the apathy, the patient are present.

Systemic lupus erythematosus in children – autoimmune disease, and rheumatoid arthritis with all its symptoms can occur without fever. Uncomfortable sensations in my body are bothering the patient in the daytime.

Without fever can occur and malignant processes of the dangerous tumor formation, and any disease of the circulatory system.
Long-term ache without other symptoms require a visit to specialists such as a rheumatologist, infectious disease specialist, hematologist and oncologist.

What does body aches during pregnancy?

During pregnancy any deviation of health is the cause for seeking medical attention. The same applies to and aches, which may be the first sign of a cold.

Consider it not a serious disease of the expectant mother it should not, because taking any medications during the period of carrying a child is an undesirable event. The fact that the use of medicines their component elements will be absorbed into the bloodstream and through the placenta to the fetus transferred.

The danger of this phenomenon is the impaired development of the unborn baby and further appearance of the disease is not curable. Sometimes aches without fever indicates gynecological problems in pregnant women, therefore any changes in health should be reported to the doctor.