Sedative drugs while breastfeeding

Lactation it is very important that the woman felt peace and comfort. The excitement and stress affect the quality and quantity of breast milk. And if there is a need to take a sedative, then his choice should be taken very seriously.

Often young mothers are used as sedative herbal and medicinal plants. But they should be treated with extreme caution. Some herbs cannot be taken during breastfeeding, for example, mint, because its action reduces the production of milk. But the fennel, on the contrary, will serve you and sedatives, and increase lactation. Sometimes a nursing woman can take Valerian, and, in the form of pills, and a tincture of the rhizome of Valerian.

Also in the period of breast-feeding as a sedative can be motherwort tincture. In pharmacies, this herb is sold in special filter bags for brewing. But the drug Motherwort Forte nursing mother is absolutely contraindicated.

A woman needs to know that lactation is desirable to adopt a variety of alcoholic tinctures. The alcohol included in the composition of such drugs can have a negative impact on the baby.

As a sedative during the period of breast-feeding sometimes use special massages, baths, aromatherapy. In some cases there are homeopathic medicines.

The choice of sedative? Only individually!

Any sedative drug during lactation should start taking minimum doses. Be sure to consider the child's reaction, because the drug can cause the baby indigestion, drowsiness, or any other changes in behavior.

The degree of irritability of the individual in every woman. Sedative drugs for nursing is also a great variety. So you need to choose a drug that will help you cope with emotional stress and to relax. This is very important. Because the child reacts to the mood of his mother. If the mother is irritated, he may be cranky and cry.

The cause of the stress the young mother is often chronic fatigue, so do not hesitate to seek the assistance of relatives and friends. Then you will have more time to sleep, walks in the fresh air, and therefore you'll be less irritable.

You need to remember that a sedative drug during lactation is chosen individually. No one remedy will not help anyone after the first application. The recovery of the body herbal drugs is a long process. So be patient and love yourself. So you will save lactation and relationship with the world around you.