Emotional instability is harmful not only for the pregnant woman but also to the fetus. To cope with the mood swings, the expectant mother must consult a doctor and to pick up a sedative. In no case do not try to choose the drugs themselves or based on customer feedback, to predict the body's response to medication is problematic.

Sedative, permitted during pregnancy

During pregnancy should avoid taking all medications, including a sedative. But today in pharmacies can find a lot of herbal medicinal products, which are suitable for expectant mothers.

Most often, the first claim for mood swings, outbursts of anger, increased anxiety and insomnia doctor prescribes to women in an interesting position herbal teas. To drink they should be according to the instructions, you can choose chamomile, lime tea, lemon balm, hawthorn. Also to calm your nerves will help long walks.

If the peace they desire does not occur, can be taken during pregnancy and Valerian in pill form, motherwort. These sedatives are suitable for use from the second trimester. In the first trimester do not want to use a sedative drug, even if they are composed of herbs.

Medicinal sedative for expectant mothers

Relatively safe drugs applies sedative "Novopassit". It incorporates vegetable herbs, but to take this medication after consultation with a gynecologist. Suitable for pregnant women and "the Persians" with Melissa, peppermint, Valerian, which also should not be used for self-treatment. You can drink course and "Glycine".

Often as a sedative for pregnant women prescribe homeopathic remedies. They usually are selected individually and require careful observance of dosage. But sedatives and other powerful drugs to expectant mothers is not recommended.

Safe enough during pregnancy aromatherapy. Soothes lavender, citrus scents. Abstain from these procedures, if you have allergies or respiratory diseases.

For nervousness do not forget about vitamins for pregnant women, in particular, to achieve a favourable frame of mind will help and vitamin B. Observe the correct mode of the day, highlighting to sleep 8-9 hours.