If you have appointed a Glycine, then take it in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. The drug belongs to prescription and should be dispensed from pharmacies only when prescribed. Although in practice things are very different. If the doctor you are not prescribed Glycine and doses for taking it, and you have purchased the tablets on the advice of friends or read about it on the Internet, carefully read the application instructions and manufacturer's recommended doses.
If you want to give the drug to young children, make sure you get the advice of a doctor. The drug is well tolerated but may cause allergic reactions and is contraindicated in individual intolerance. Therefore to appoint to his children and to define the dose, then risk the health of the child.
Teenagers can take 1 tablet of Glycine 3 times a day for 14-30 days, dissolving under the tongue until complete dissolution of the tablet. Especially the actual intake of glycine in times of stress, disorders of sleep, mood, if the teen is aggressive, conflict, poorly to education and training.
In older age, take Glycine 1 tablet 3 times daily with or without food. But since the drug contains aminouxusna acid, avoid ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract it is better to take Glycine in 30-40 minutes after meal.
If you suffer from severe disorders related to the climacteric period, severe sleep disorders, and frequent changes of mood, then you can increase the dose of glycine to two tablets at a time. Dissolve tablets under tongue until dissolved.
If you suffered a stroke, traumatic brain injury, alcohol intoxication, Glycine, take 2 tablets 3 times a day. If you find it hard to dissolve tablets under the tongue, you can grind them up, dissolve in one teaspoon of water and just drink.
If necessary, use Glycine courses. During the year, you can take the medicine 6-7 times in 30 days with short breaks.