How to choose a ointment

The most harmless analgesic ointments for breastfeeding women are such proven tools as "Nurofen gel", "Menovazin" or "Finish". They are recommended for prolonged painful sensations in the quality of first aid. Excellent for this purpose and suitable gel, "Ibuprofen", but in lactation it should be used with caution and in small quantities. Of ointments with herbal composition, it is possible to give preference to "Astrolite" and "Malavita"
Massage creams that can be bought in cosmetic stores, should consist of natural ingredients and have all necessary certificates.

Well established for pain and ointments such as "Traumeel", "symptoms" and "Biopin". For those who still do not trust medicines, there is a more complicated, but completely safe way to ease the pain. For its implementation need cut into small pieces capsicum plaster and stick them on both sides along the spine, leaving between them a distance of 2 cm. The patch should be left on for several days, during which it warms up the sore spots and will not leave a burn on the skin. Complement the treatment of can ordinary bandage belt or a warm woolen scarf.

How to use ointment while breastfeeding

Before using pain ointments, lactating women should check for possible allergic reactions, spread the product on the crook of the elbow. If after twenty four hours on the treated part of the skin is redness, irritation or itching, ointment can be safely used. However, before using any anaesthetic ointments it is advisable to consult with your doctor.
To strengthen the effect of the ointment using the applicator Kuznetsova or amplipuls therapy, which are physiotherapeutic procedures.

Apply anesthetic ointment is only necessary after warming in palms, after which it is imposed along the spine and across the lumbar careful massage movements. Then ointment need to leave it for a while to soak in and give the maximum analgesic and therapeutic effect. After applying the medicinal gel you need an hour and a half to lie in complete rest. It is best to use analgesic ointments before bedtime to let the body rest and recover.