Before the therapy of any disease breastfeeding woman it is advisable to consult a doctor who will help you to choose the most effective treatment method. If there is no possibility to consult a specialist before purchasing drugs must carefully study the instructions for use, drawing particular attention to the sections on "Pregnancy and lactation" and "Contra". Before the treatment of exacerbations of chronic or serious infectious diseases may also require consultation with a pediatrician.

The duration of drug therapy should also be determined by the doctor. It should be remembered that children can also be individual intolerance of some components of the medication. The manifestation of the first symptoms of allergic reactions and characteristic of toxicity disorders you need to stop feeding and treatment.

Allowed drugs

For getting rid of the symptoms of colds and SARS allowed the use of virtually any medicine, which is based on "Paracetamol" or "Ibuprofen". Most medications for cough (except kazeinovyh and ephedrinewyq), runny nose and sore throat can also be applied without restrictions. It is undesirable to use "Aspirin" and "Aspirin", but may be a single application if necessary.

In disorders of the stomach and intestines will not have any side effects Drug. To treat the symptoms of indigestion will help "Almagel" "Maalox", "Mezim", "Festal", "Allohol". If necessary, local anesthetic can be used "Novocain" or "Lidocaine".

For the treatment of infectious diseases suitable antibacterial drugs penicillin group ("Ampicillin", "Penicillin", "Amoxycillin", etc.), cephalosporins ("Cefotaxime", "Ceftriaxone", "Zinnat", etc.), macrolides (Sumamed", "Erythromycin) and aminoglycosides (Amikacin", "Netromycin"). It permitted the use of anti-tuberculosis drugs (except for "Rifabutin" and "pax").

Breast-feeding can also be used antifungal agents, except Fluconazole, Ketoconazole, Intraconazole" and "Griseofulvin". Among the drugs for relieving symptoms of high blood pressure may be noted "Dibazol", "Dopegit". It permitted the use of antihistamine medications 2 and 3 generation ("loratadine", "Cetirizine").

Prohibited medications

Nursing mothers are strictly forbidden to use drugs for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases. It is forbidden to breastfeed during radiation therapy with radioactive drugs. Unwanted receiving funds based on gold salts and lithium. With caution you should use hormones, because they can depress the function of lactation. You cannot use contraceptives, which have estrogens.