Causes of headache in nursing mothers

Perhaps, chronic fatigue and sleep deprivation are the main causes of headaches in nursing mothers. At 4 months of age, babies are very restless. So sleepless nights are not uncommon for young mothers.

Very often, women in lactation period) suffers from strong migraines. Then, in addition to headache, nausea and weakness. Migraine can be triggered by lack of sleep and constant stress. Often the head can ache due to high blood pressure. Hypertension requires serious and long-term treatment.

What medication can be taken?

If the headache is seriously bothering you, have to take medication. But not all drugs can drink during lactation. It is strictly forbidden to treat headache "Citramon". This medicinal product contains caffeine and acetylsalicylic acid, which have a negative impact on the health of the baby.

Safe remedy for headaches lactation paracetamol is considered the. On the basis of established drugs such as "Panadol", "Nurofen" etc. By the way, these drugs will work more effective if after they are received from lie on the sofa, relax and listen to your favorite music.

Against headache during feeding the baby is allowed the taking of medicines based on ibuprofen ("Nurofen", "MiG"). But so popular analgin is contraindicated in nursing mums. It negatively affects the kidneys and other blood-forming organs.

How to deal with migraine during lactation

If you are caught, a painful migraine attack, do not hurry and buy the product on the basis of the ergotamine. Such a substance cannot be taken in any case. Your baby may begin to experience severe vomiting.

Migraine during breastfeeding will help get rid of "Sumamigren". It consists of the active ingredient sumatriptan, which is already 12 hours excreted in the breast milk is not delayed.

Funds from hypertension

If the cause of severe headache was hypertension, should be taken "Dibazol". Its use is compatible with breastfeeding. But "Reserpine" and "Cordaflex" it is better not to take. These medications can cause a significant increase in the level of blood sugar.

Generally when using these agents it is better to use the technique of pumping milk in order to cause the child the least harm.

Other means

Relieve pain nursing moms can help gentle massage of the temporal region of the head. Also good option is to use a needle applicator Lyapko. It can be put under your neck and lie down for about thirty minutes.
Sometimes headaches relieves the usual warm shower for a relaxing effect on the body.