Dizziness caused by fatigue, occur suddenly as a result of congestion and related violations of the regime of the day. Brain strain without enough rest and proper nutrition specific to business people and representatives of creative professions. So that the body has failed, you need to ensure restful sleep and to enter into the diet foods high in phosphorus, such as fish, nuts, radishes, fennel, grapes, oats, carrots, eggs, cucumbers.

If the vertigo is caused by high acidity of gastric juice, you can remedy the situation with Melissa. You need to pour a tablespoon of herbs Cup of boiling water, boil for two minutes and leave to infuse for quarter of an hour. To take it twice a day - morning and evening glass of warm broth.

Vertigo may occur when alcohol poisoning or poor quality food. In this case, will the use of 5 tablets of activated charcoal or sorbent, removes intoxication (polifepan, enterosgel, POLYSORB).

Very often dizziness is a symptom of low pressure. To normalize the condition, you can drink a strong Cup of coffee or perform a simple exercise: to connect palms before a breast and squeeze them for a few minutes. These measures will help to slightly raise pressure and enhance well-being.

Cervical osteochondrosis - the scourge of our time, he brings a lot of problems for adults and does not spare the young. To improve circulation of the brain is useful to perform a self-massage from the nape to the back to spend some time stroking along the spine, then begin to do kneading movements with the other side of the spine. Continue to RUB the problem area in a circular motion 3 times on each side. To complete the necessary massage strokes.

Very good helps with the dizziness psyllium. If it is the broth within a week, the dizziness will stop. The broth is made at the rate of 2 tablespoons of leaves per Cup of boiling water. Insist during the day and take at night.

About 10% of dizziness are the result of vegetative - vascular dystonia or stress. Psychogenic dizziness is relieved with tranquilizers, which should prescribe the doctor. You can drink soothing herbal teas, sometimes this is enough.