Why dizzy in the morning

The reason for morning dizziness can become unstable blood pressure, low blood sugar, problems with the cardiovascular system, the spine. Often I feel dizzy in the morning during pregnancy, poisoning, psychogenic disorders.
If the dizziness in the morning, associated with pregnancy, dissolve two teaspoons of sugar in a glass of water and drink after waking up.

Besides vertigo, a patient may complain of nausea, weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite. The most common causes of vertigo: Meniere's disease, vestibular neuritis, degenerative disc disease, psychogenic disease, intoxication, unstable blood pressure.

More than 80% of patients who had been screened for the true reason morning dizziness that occurs on a daily basis, suffer DPPG or IRR.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo occurs suddenly with a sharp climb or when you turn your head to the side. Basically this dizziness affects elderly people who have suffered infection or head trauma.

Psychogenic dizziness is not related to true, as it is not connected with the vestibular apparatus. This disease is characterized by a feeling of fog in my head, confusion, tension, and even a number of symptoms, which the doctor can presumably make a diagnosis.

Dystonia is a diagnosis every second patient who applied for the systematic morning dizziness. The treatment takes many years. Mostly a doctor prescribes sedatives, psychotherapy, recommends to respect the day.
If dizziness follow safety rules. Directly after waking up a bit longer, slowly stand up. Equip the apartment with handrails and anti-slip mats.

When you need to immediately consult a doctor if dizziness

You should immediately contact a doctor if dizziness is accompanied by severe headache, muscle weakness, persistent vomiting, high temperature. The ambulance needs to call immediately, if the patient has double vision, numb limbs, and the numbness.

With vertigo the patient is examined by the ophthalmologist, neurologist, endocrinologist. Appoint radiography of the skull and spine, ultrasound of the main arteries of the head, computed tomography, audiography.