If a person often suffers from vertigo, accompanied with nausea, then he should seriously think about their health, because these symptoms may indicate the presence of serious disease. Moreover, if time does not take action, then it's going to add and fainting.

First aid for dizziness and nausea

When dizziness and nausea the patient should be laid on his back, and his head, neck and shoulders should lie on the pillow. In this position, you can eliminate the kinking of the vertebral arteries. Subsequently, the patient should avoid turning your head to the side. Then, you should open the Windows and ventilate the room.

On the forehead of the patient is recommended to put cold bandage, which can be slightly dampened with vinegar. After that you should measure his blood pressure and temperature. If they are elevated, it is necessary to take measures for their normalization. When the heart beats at a frequency of more than 100 beats per minute or irregular heartbeat appears, if the dizziness was joined by nausea and repeated vomiting, an urgent need to call an ambulance. Such symptoms should not be ignored, need to figure out the cause and to treat the underlying disease.

Treatment of folk remedies

To treat dizziness and nausea you can use traditional recipes. To get rid of these symptoms can help Melissa. This plant is useful to use not only fresh but also dried. You can make tea from lemon balm and drink it throughout the day. This will need to pour 10 g of grass with 250 ml of boiling water and infuse 40 minutes. If you want to see the effect of lemon balm manifested faster, it is recommended to drink the juice of this plant. Only the leaves should be gathered before flowering, otherwise they will benefit from is not very big. Make the juice you need 50 drops from 5 g of honey.

Get rid of dizziness carrot juice to be taken before meals of 200 ml up to 4 times a day. I subscribed to it not less than a month, then there will be a noticeable effect. Treatment shouldn't be interrupted, so only the results will be. Some doctors recommend the mixture make a mixture of juices. The best combination is one which consists of 3 parts carrot, 2 parts garnet to 1 part beet juice. Such meats should be consumed 200 ml before eating. When there is no time to make juice, you can go the more simple way. You will need 5 grams powder of parsley seeds sowing infuse for 8 hours in 250 ml of water at room temperature. Then all that is filtered and accepted by 125 ml 4 times a day before meals.