Don't make any sudden movements with his head, sit down (better if it is a chair with a straight back).
On the dorsum of the hand, find the point (Hae-GU), which are connected to the I metacarpal bone (thumb) and II metacarpal bone (index finger). It can be found by pushing the thumbs of both hands to the sides and putting the brush in the brush so that the thumb of one hand was on the back of the hand of the other hand and the thumb of the other on the inside. Under the thumb is the required point – massage it with pressure for a couple minutes.
Run the fingers of both hands massage the edges of the scalp around the perimeter, beginning with the forehead and ending with the base of the skull. At the same time on the skin gently, but rotate it counterclockwise a minute.
Massage the back of his head. Start with the top, finish the base of the skull – a couple of minutes.
Find the right and the left recess at the outer edge of the eyebrows. Without pressure massage for minutes (this is the point si-Chu-kun).
From the nose a little lift up lock ring finger exactly in the middle between the eyebrows. Minute massage this point (Yin-Tang).
Minute massage the point (si Bai), located from the pupil straight down, deepening the infraorbital hole.
Massage at the same time clockwise and counterclockwise both temples – minute.
With both hands massage your earlobes and trestles ears.
Slowly stand up and perform 20 squats.
In that case, when you feel the approach of dizziness, take a deep breath several times, sit down, lower the head the chest and relax. Then spend an energetic massage (with pressure and tingling) of the pads of the thumb on his left hand. And then actively RUB the earlobes in both ears. These procedures will prevent dizziness.
To strengthen blood vessels and prevent dizziness in the future, regularly take a contrast shower, replacing alternately hot to cold so you stimulate the blood flow. And it would be good to do yoga, swimming or even walking, but she was a regular and time – at least an hour.