What could dark eyes

The phenomenon of the darkening of the eyes, in most cases due to the sharp decrease in blood pressure (acute hypotension). This decline often occurs after major physical or emotional stress, as well as for fast changing of the torso, for example, if you bend over, and then quickly straighten the body. This phenomenon is familiar to many fans of garden work. During the fall of pressure in a person can get a headache and even neck.
Acute hypotension is also characterised by dizziness, weakness, fatigue.

Typically, such acute hypotension rather quickly passes, and to recover, a person need a few minutes to sit quietly, not turning your head that is doing nothing for a few minutes. It is better to close my eyes to see nothing around. But it's better then to go to the doctor to get tested.

If the darkening of the eyes does not go a long time, it is recommended to lay on my side on any smooth surface. If this is not possible, still have to stand and wait until the vision is restored. If you feel that you may faint, you should immediately sit on the floor or ground and bow your head to her knees, clasping her hands. After a few minutes, everything must go.
If it happened in a public place, do not hesitate to contact strangers, that they helped you to sit down.

If the cause of the darkening in his eyes – exhaustion, you can take medications that strengthen blood vessels and have an immunostimulating action. Helps also ordered routine, proper rest. But in any case, you need to seek qualified help.

How to get rid of blackouts

What else can be the cause of the blackouts? If this phenomenon occurs quite frequently and does not always follow heavy load or steep uphill of the body, the cause can be insufficient blood supply to the brain or iron deficiency anemia. Be sure to seek medical advice! You will appoint examination, including blood tests, and its results will recommend the most effective treatment.

About iron deficiency anemia also shows "ripples" in the eyes. It is recommended to introduce in your diet more foods and beverages rich in these micronutrients. These products include beef liver, apples, pomegranate juice, buckwheat. In addition, you must take medications prescribed by your doctor.