Learn how to keep balance when walking. A daily walk on uneven paths at least 40 minutes. While walking wear on the back of the backpack with a small load. If there is no other possibility, go with a backpack around the house.
Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and eyes closed, perform bending, circular head movements.
Draw the path a straight line or pull a small rope, pull the arms out to the sides and walk exactly on the line. First do this exercise with your eyes open, and eventually try to close my eyes and just walk the strip. This exercise is convenient to do on the sand, which is pre-leveled. Opening his eyes, after the course, you will clearly see how many times you have lost your way.
Pick up a small object (pen, stick). Extend your arm, focus your attention on the subject and very quickly start to spin around the object.
To develop the vestibular apparatus, extend both arms out to the sides and twist around its axis. For this exercise, it is necessary to choose a suitable place, as the probability of falling from that your head will spin.
Arms outstretched to the sides, stand on one leg and close your eyes. Then change the supporting leg and repeat the exercise. The longer you hold this position for the better. Through time, complicate the exercise a circular motion lifted his feet.
Take the object that is smaller than the size of the foot. Stand on one leg and balance, keeping the balance first with eyes open and then closed. Complicated exercise replacing reliance on smaller, which is harder to keep balance.
Use every opportunity to tumble or jump on the trampoline, just swing on swings.
Find a sports ground with horizontal beam or narrow tube for walking on them with balance.
In addition to the above,it is useful to engage in swimming and diving, gymnastics.