You will need
  • - a full medical examination.
If you have weakness, dizziness, sometimes nausea, vomiting, consult a neurologist. A referral to a specialist prescribe a General practitioner after you pass the laboratory tests of blood, urine.
A neurologist will prescribe a comprehensive examination. Because dizziness can cause more than 80 kinds of diseases, you will prescribe a brain scan to identify the tumor disease or tumors, for example, a cyst is a hollow formation, filled with fluid. Growing, it can put pressure on different centers of the brain, which is often the cause of dizziness.
Psychogenic vertigo occurs after emotional stress or chronic stress. Besides the weakness and dizziness you can experience anxiety, mental instability, hysteria, mood swings.
In addition to tumors dizziness can cause microtrauma of the cerebellum, vascular lesions, atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels. All brain disorders successfully diagnosed through magnetic resonance imaging. The doctor will make the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.
Also, you will have a complete examination of the cardiovascular system. Functional disorders of the heart cause dizziness, weakness, unstable blood pressure, tachycardia or bradycardia. For diagnosis of the heart is carried out ECG, UFG, coronary angiography, echocardiography. On the basis of these examinations the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.
You will be given a referral to an eye specialist for examination of the fundus. If the intraocular pressure is raised, it can cause severe dizziness and weakness.
Low back pain and osteoarthritis of the cervical spine causing severe dizziness, weakness, nausea. Diagnosis is carried out using magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and x-rays.
Be sure to hand over blood for tumor markers. The initial form of cancer manifests with General weakness and dizziness. At this time, other diagnostic methods have not bring any results, as the tumor is formed much later and its existence cannot be determined in the first stage of cancer.