You will need
  • T-shirt, stencil, stamps with the alphabet, paint on fabric, brush, spray paint, oilcloth.
Take a t-shirt. Best decals look great on white background, but you can of course choose any other that you like, put it on a flat surface. Inside the shirt, place a rubber sheet or a plastic bag so that paint does not paint over the back side of your t-shirts.
The easiest way to apply lettering to fabric through a stencil. Any stencil can buy in the store or make yourself. Place the letter stencil on the shirt in the right place and start painting over. In the same way you can transfer to the fabric of any chosen images.
Another method of applying a label using the alpha stamps. You can buy them at a baby store (you need cubes with three-dimensional letters). Apply the paint to the letter with the brush and make a print on a t-shirt.
To achieve the effect of graffiti take the stencil (you can with the letters, but you can with ornament) and paint it with spray paint. in this case, the fabric will remain not only a letter or figure, and the boundaries of the stencil. It looks stylish and original.
Let the paint dry and then secure it with a hot iron through a fine fabric. Now you - the owner of exclusive t-shirts, hand made.