You will need
  • - white t-shirt (100% cotton);
  • - acrylic paint for fabric;
  • - synthetic brushes of different sizes;
  • - large sheet of thick paper;
  • - pencil medium soft;
  • - thick fabric for the lining;
  • - iron
Decide the picture you want to transfer on your shirt. It can think itself, to copy or download from the Internet ready-made template. Apply the contour drawing in bold black line on a sheet of paper. This will be the stencil for transferring a pattern on the fabric.
Place the stencil under your shirt pattern should have a good Shine. Take a pencil and lightly pressing on it, translate the pattern of the stencil on t-shirt fabric. Do this very carefully so that the pencil broke or not hooked fabric. After you applied the contour, you can proceed to the fun part – applying the colors.
Put a shirt under a thick cloth, to paint not to stain the back of the shirt. Acrylic fabric paint does not require dilution with water or solvents. So you can take the paint right from the jar or for convenience, pour a small amount into a small container, e.g. the cover. Application of color should be performed gently, taking care not to get paint on the remaining area of the shirt. First, apply the light colors, then dark. Use brushes of different sizes, depending on the area of the painted surface.
After you painted the whole figure, let it dry, then proceed to the stroke path. Doing this job requires special care and accuracy. The line should be clear and smooth. After you have circled the loop, leave a t-shirt for a while so that the whole drawing is completely dry. Acrylic paint dries fairly quickly.
Start pinning pattern. Turn the shirt inside out and lay on a flat surface. Well, heat the iron, the temperature must be suitable for fabric t-shirt. Gently iron the pattern from the inside. Your exclusive t-shirt is ready!