You will need
  • t-shirt sketch
If you plan to print on shirts the same pattern in large quantities, in most cases, using the method of screen printing. Silk screen printing is printing using a stencil, while the shirt appears bright and clear picture. Screen printing gives the most intense colour, as on a shirt to apply a large layer of paint.
When you need especially high quality, and the volumes are assumed to be small, the best way to put picture on the shirt is thermal transfer. The fabric is transferred thin vinyl film with a pattern. Under the influence of high temperature (about 200 degrees Celsius) film is embedded into the fabric, so the image appears to be high quality and durable.
The highest quality printing on t-shirt gives a method of sublimation. However, sublimation has an important disadvantage. Using this method, you can print the designs on light fabrics. The quality of the transferred pattern leaves no doubt – when applied, uses two effects, first, the temperature (present 160 degrees Celsius), and secondly, chemical – special sublimation inks react. This image doesn't disappear either after washing or after a long use. In fact, the lifespan of printed images is equal to the lifetime of the product.