Select the digital photo that you would like to transfer to the fabric. If you wish, you can scan a printed photo or create a collage in the program for image processing.
Buy special thermal paper, which you will transfer the image onto the fabric. Keep in mind that different paper corresponds to different types of tissue. There is paper for transferring images onto white fabric, the black and the color. Thermal paper has a special coating that helps to avoid spreading the ink. Try to find paper that ensures high durability of the image, then the thing can be washed without fear.
Insert the thermal paper in the printer. Print the image that you are going to move. Let the imprint dry. Hours is enough. By the way, if you bought the paper the whole set, usually contain instructions for use. Please read it carefully.
Attach the printed image to the fabric. Iron with a hot iron, wait until the fabric cools. Then remove the paper. Remember that the image on the fabric will turn out mirrored, so flip it in the image editor.
Please contact the Studio if you are afraid that not cope with this work alone. Reset the image in any digital medium and bring it and the thing where you need to make a print in photography Studio.
By the way, almost all photography studios ready to sell plain t-shirts, pillows and other things, and some have the possibility of ordering things over the Internet. You can upload digital photos, choose the model and size of things that it takes, and then just come and pick up their order.