Now each city has developed job printing centers. Doing corporate orders, they don't forget about the individual desires of fashionistas. Select the picture you want to portray on the shirt. Do a good-quality fingerprint image in full size (the size you want to "draw" on clothing) or even easier, copy the image on electronic media. Buy a t-shirt size and go to the nearest printing centre. For a relatively small amount (about 120 rubles, depending on the printing company, as well as the color and size of the picture) you will print the desired image on a t-shirt. Typically, these prints are durable enough and you can wash your shirt in washing machine and ironed it with an iron on the reverse side. In any case, ask the Manager about the care label.
You can decorate your clothes, however, your work will be lower quality than a professional job. Go to a computer shop or to the salon photo. Buy transfer paper for your printer. As a rule, 10 sheets A4 white the material cost about 200-250 rubles, for dark fabric – 400-500 rubles, depending on the manufacturer. Following the instructions, place the paper in the printer and specify printing your chosen image. Good smooth iron a shirt to avoid creases. Put transfer paper on a t-shirt with the image down on top and apply a hot iron. Adjust its temperature according to the recommendations printed on the packaging paper. Remove the paper film from the t-shirt after application and secure the picture.
To select a decal or applique for clothes at any clothing store. They will consist of either a simple adhesive image, like store-bought t-shirts with prints or embroidery fabric. Obverse side of such applications is covered with a heat resistant mesh fabric, and the reverse side is adhesive. Place the sticker on the shirt face up. Put it on the hot iron and wait a couple of minutes. After the application was fixed on the fabric, move with her iron. When the image has cooled slightly, remove it from the heat-resistant protective fabric. T-shirt is ready!