You will need
  • paper for thermal transfer image;
  • - iron
  • cloth;
  • inkjet printer;
  • - sturdy, level surface.
Use to transfer image to any program. If it is asymmetrical or contains text, set the printer driver option "Rotate horizontally" (Flip horizontal). This option facilitates the proper placement of the image during the thermal transfer.
To produce the print image dialog box of the printer driver. Select as the media type 360 dpi Ink Jet Paper, setting the resolution of 360 dpi.
Insert into the printer a sheet of paper stuck to them. Be careful - rightly ruspolia print side. The label paper must be in the upper right corner. Make sure that the sheet was not twisted or bent in the corners. Adjustment thickness lever the paper select on the value "0". Print a picture.
Cut the obtained image, leaving the edges at 0.5 cm. Heat the iron to maximum temperature and leave it on. Disable the steam function. Spread on a flat surface of any piece of matter so that the hanging edge. Smooth, eliminating all creases.
Making sure to spread out fabric has no seams, put it on a product to which it is planned to transfer the image. It progladte iron. Printed image put on the product face down, adjust its position so that the pattern formed exactly as you intend.
Try to smooth use only the widest part of iron. Starting from the left top corner, slowly move the iron along the top edge of the sheet. At the same time firmly press down the iron. The process of stroking should take about 30 seconds. Repeat this procedure for the middle and lower parts of the sheet, paving every 30 seconds. Then walk down the iron over the entire surface, performing a circular motion.
Making sure that the edges of the migrated image are well ironed, turn off the iron and put it in a safe place. Wait a few moments until the region of the transfer has cooled. Then pull a leaf any angle and remove it from the product.