You will need
  • - white t-shirt;
  • - transfer paper;
  • inkjet printer;
  • marker;
  • - iron.
Purchase a white t-shirt. It will be clearly visible image. It is best to opt for a cotton t-shirt. The fabric should not be too thin, otherwise, the image might be unclear. Decide where you want to put the inscription, and what it must have dimensions.
Select the decal you want to transfer on a t-shirt. Make sure the size and picture quality meet your expectations. If the finished label on the Internet, you not found, create it in any text editor. Don't forget that you need to print a mirror image, otherwise, after application to a t-shirt inscription to read will not.
Take advantage of inkjet printer. Place the paper feeder special film to transfer the image onto fabric (transfer paper). It can be bought in most computer stores. Place it smooth side up. Print a prepared text. Make sure that it is typed all the letters. Otherwise, it may be an unpleasant situation and t-shirt will be ruined. Wait half an hour while the paint on the transfer paper to dry.
Iron the t-shirt. Then put under her cardboard or a folded pillowcase that the image is not stamped through and didn't mess up the other side of the t-shirt. Then place the transfer paper image down on the part of the shirt that you chose for the inscription. Iron for 1.5 min. with a hot iron. After that, sure, but not an abrupt movement remove the protective film.
If you don't have a color printer, then paint the lettering yourself. Make sure that the placed pillow case or cardboard protects the second side of the shirt. Take special marker for fabric and carefully paint over the letters. Once the label is ready, press open the image again, after putting the screen protector or tracing paper.
Wash t-shirts bearing inscriptions in the delicate washing. This will help prolong the life and maintain the brightness of the picture. Typically, in this mode the image does not tarnish and can withstand 10 washings.