You will need
  • markers
  • - acrylic paint and contours
  • t - shirt
  • - a simple pencil
  • - stencils
  • - paint for batik
Abstraction. Roll the shirt into a knot, into a roll or bundle. If you like it more. Soak it in paint intended for painting. It can be purchased at office supply or specialty stores for artists. When you straighten your shirt, its entire surface will be visible beautiful symmetrical patterns. T-shirt can be tied with cord or tape, the patterns will be more interesting.
The picture, by using contours or markers. With the help of contour or highlighter can be applied on t-shirt clear pattern. For this there are special markers designed for light and dark fabrics.
Acrylic contours are small tubes of paint that you can paint on the fabric. The only contours give way to the handles that push on the tube should be evenly distributed, so that the figure seemed neater.
Before applying the pattern on a shirt, pull it on a flat surface. Select the sketch and set the picture on a t-shirt with a simple pencil. Now it is necessary to outline its contour. If you want to paint a picture, then use acrylic paints.
Stencil. For lovers of pop art is perfect stencils. Sketch on cardboard. Drawing can be anything – it is entirely your fantasy. Remember, the drawing must be solid and not composed of pieces.
Put on a t-shirt the stencil and paint paint the entire piece, then remove it.
Imitation of the costume. A very interesting approach to the design of t-shirts will be drawn a copy of the shirt of the hero of the movie or comic. For example, on a dark t-shirt draw white paint tie, buttons and pockets.
The pattern on the entire shirt. Quite an interesting solution would be drawing stretching across the entire shirt. Don't have to do it on one side. For example, you can draw a cat, its paws on her back and muzzle in front, the tail can be drawn down on the edge of the t-shirt.