Options, what exactly can you do using only your Golden hands and imagination, great variety. Will focus on how to make the pattern on the shirt. You need to prepare a very ordinary cotton t-shirt, and then act according to simple rules, for the realization of the intended reality.
1. The first step is to decide what should be depicted on a t-shirt. The picture may be described as the personality of the person and his professional sphere, and to contain just a humorous picture or self-portrait, the options are many.
2. Having a good artistic abilities, you can easily create the pattern yourself. But if drawing is not your thing, don't despair – on the Internet you can find a great number of pictures, and in magazines or books. Note that the paper on which drawing should be tight. It is important that the color scheme of the figure in harmony with the t-shirt color and texture.
3. Make two stencils. Taking the first of them, carefully cut the pattern along the contour.
4. Those parts which are assumed to be in a different color, should be cut on the second stencil.
5. For printing on a t-shirt, you will need a highly resistant paint, which withstands washing and will not spread out on tissue. Typically, such paint fix, paving iron. Wear gloves so as not to dirty his hands with paint. Before applying the paint should be spread the surface of the t-shirt using a piece of cardboard. And finally, the first stencil is applied to the selected location on the fabric and painted it the desired color.
6. Waiting until the paint dries, lay out the second stencil and also paint over it with another color. Wait for complete drying of paint, fix the drawing iron and the masterpiece is ready!
There is another method of drawing, using special paper and an inkjet printer.
First you need to buy the necessary materials. In addition to t-shirts you need special paper for inkjet printers, which make transporting of things. We choose paper AVERY 3275 8 1/2" x 11". You will also need a color inkjet printer and iron.
Let's write pattern, then you definitely need to flip it in the mirror. The photo can be prepared in photoshop.
Printed a photo on regular inkjet printer, selecting the mode with the best quality. Then carefully cut the drawing along the contours.
After pre-smoothed t-shirt, put inverted billet and begin to iron the iron, avoiding sudden movements, time stroking about one to two minutes. Then we wait until our application has cooled to room temperature and start removing the paper, you can take a tweezers, or just podawa nails.
As it turned out, to make a drawing on a t-shirt, pretty simple! After a few simple manipulations – we get excellent results. And most importantly, from the simplest things – out of the original design thing.