One of the ways to Express yourself through clothing – make the inscription, for example, on a t-shirt. Of course, the shops there are ready-made, standard inscriptions, but it is possible to come up with something yourself. It may be some kind of aphorism, a quote from a favorite movie or some kind of joke. For example, fans of the series about Dr. house, it is appropriate to decorate his t-shirt catchphrase of the hero: "All lying".
Some people write on t-shirts your favorite word or words describing them. For example, "Best sportsman", "Respect the speed", "While free" is for guys. "Beauty Queen", "Miss sunburn", "The sweetest" girls. It is worth saying that young people increasingly prefer t-shirts with inscriptions in the form of jokes. Often you can meet a guy in clothes with not quite respectable slogans. This, of course, a personal matter, the main thing that the owner of the outfit feel comfortable and not feel embarrassment from his own inscriptions.
If a person plans to make a gift to a friend and as a gift you can give a t-shirt, the message on the clothes meant to be symbolic. For example, "best friend", "He will not leave in trouble," "a friend." Lovers can give your partner a pair of t-shirts. Included usually two shirts, one says: "I Love Kate" and on the other – "I Love Dima". Accordingly, the names can be anything. By the way, at the next wedding anniversary you can give your loved one a t-shirt with the inscription "Happy together ....". Instead of the points to substitute the date of marriage, and at the bottom under if you wish to arrange a joint photograph. Most girls will appreciate such a gift.
Finally, a few words I want to say about where to order a t-shirt with the inscription. Such work is done by almost all photography studios. There you can put a picture or phrase, not only on clothes but also on a mug, keychain, pillow, and other items. Often salons can immediately purchase and t-shirt, which will contain the inscription. If for some reason, people will be on their own to buy a t-shirt, it is recommended to consult what she should be part. The fact that some masters advise to buy things only from one hundred percent cotton, and others, however, insist that the present synthetic. So this issue needs to be clarified in advance. The delivery time is usually one day, but it depends on the complexity of work and number of orders from the master.