You can make landscape orientation of the sheet in the editor word after typing and printing.
To turn the worksheet in Word 2007, 2010 and later, go to the tab at the top of the editor's "Layout" and find the string "Orientation".
In the dropdown list will have two options for the location of the sheet. Select landscape when you hover over it the arrow and pressing the right mouse button.
Owing to such simple manipulations you can do in Word landscape page.
However, many users experience problems when you flip one or more sheets in the document when you save a portrait of the other. To cope with this task, you must select the text that should be placed on the landscape page and click on the arrow next to "page setup".
When the dialog box opens, look for the "Orientation" and select click the desired format. At the bottom you will see a sample of the text, and under it next to the word "Apply" drop-down list. Find the line "selected text", then save the changes. In your work, having a standard portrait orientation, there will be leaves that are deployed horizontally.
If the text consists of sections, you can use the orientation setting of the sheet to one of them.
If necessary, you can make landscape page in Word in one document many times. It is very convenient if you need to print pictures, diagrams, tables and other illustrative materials.