You will need
  • Software Microsoft Office Excel.
Open the program and upload that you created a document (Excel workbook).
Select the desired sheet in the workbook. Select the cells that are included in the tablethat you flip. To highlight the entire table, you'll need to clamp the cursor to the upper-left cell and pressing the mouse button, move to the bottom right cell of the table. Release the left mouse button.
After you create the allocation table, you need to copy it to the clipboard. This can be done in the following way:
- Ctrl + C;
- Ctrl +Ins;
- by pressing the right mouse button on the table – "Copy"item.
Right-click your mouse on the cell where you wish to place the inverted table. From the menu that appears, select "paste Special".
How to turn <strong>table</strong>
In the window "paste Special" check the box next to "Transpose". Click "OK" to confirm the changes to the table.
How to turn <strong>table</strong>
In the end, you get an inverted table.
How to turn <strong>table</strong>