To print the text with the effect of the mirror fields, first we need to configure the fields themselves. If you are using Word 2007 or 2010 go to the main menu to the "page Markup". Click on "Field" and in the ongoing list, select "Mirror". If you want to change the margin sizes, select the bottom line of the "Custom fields". A separate window will appear where you can change the dimension value fields.
If you need to set the mirror printing to print the text in the booklet, in the section "Custom fields", select "Brochure." In this case, the document orientation automatically changes to landscape, and the fields will be mirrored.
If you are working with Word 2003 and earlier versions, click the File tab, select the menu item "page setup" and in the opened window enter the desired parameters ("Mirror margins" or "Brochure"), and then click OK.
In Word 2007 or 2010 go to "File". Here in the left menu you will see "Print". By selecting this option, you will see a page setting up printing. Here you can specify the number of copies you need, choose the printer to identify pages you want to print and choose the print type is unilateral or bilateral. The second may require manual feed of sheets in the printer. In the box next to the print menu, you will see how your document will be printed.
In Word 2003 and earlier versions, click on the printer icon on the control panel (quick print) or in the tab "File" select "Print". Opened in a separate window you will be able to choose the printer, number of copies, single-sided-double-sided printing, and so on. To see how it will look in printed document, click the "preview" on the control panel.