Go to the text document by opening it in "Word" and highlight the desired table, hold down the left mouse button. Then copy it to the clipboard. This can be done in two ways: click the right mouse button on the highlighted area and choose "Copy" or use the shortcut Ctrl+C.
Open the MS Excel, which is always in Microsoft Office. Insert an inverted table into the document. Click on one of the cells, right-click and select "paste Special". On the screen opens the settings window. Find "Transport" to select it. Click "Next".
If the program shows an error, then you have incorrectly copied the table from the "word" - try to do it again. Otherwise, the program automatically moves the information from rows to columns, and overturned the table appears in the Excel document. Copy this table to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) and navigate to the document opened in Word. Insert the object into the desired area using the context menu and Paste or Ctrl+V.
If you need to rotate the table 90 degrees, it is necessary to change the landscape orientation of the sheet on which it is located. First, highlight the text and table that you want to move and go to the tab "page Layout". Click on the arrow next to "page setup". In the opened settings window in the General tab, select landscape orientation. In the line "to Apply", check "selected text". Click "OK".
To format the information in the inverted table, you need to change the text direction. To do this in "Word" click on the table that you are going to edit, go to "Layout" and "text Direction" to select the desired setting.