How to cure irritation under the nose

If irritation has already appeared, to take action as soon as possible to avoid secondary infection. To relieve the pain and redness will help anti-inflammatory creams, you can use products with herbal components such as sea buckthorn oil or aloe Vera.

You can also use an ordinary children's cream, but because of the content of menthol and eucalyptus oil when applied it can cause discomfort, tingling or burning, especially if the skin is badly damaged.

Well help to relieve irritation light moisturizing creams, sesame, almond or peach oil and apply them on the affected skin in a thin layer as needed, trying not to RUB. Any rubbing will only increase inflammation, so try to touch the painful places as possible.

The repair of cracks, removal of peeling, a special wound-healing agent, for example, ointments and creams with panthenol – they stimulate tissue regeneration.

If the inflammatory process has not been stopped in time, the skin of the nose there were cracks, redness spread to the upper lip, it is better to consult a dermatologist. The resulting crust is not a rip off – in the extreme case, gently separate them, pre-lubricated with vaseline or cream, and then apply to the skin with healing tools.

How to avoid skin irritation under the nose during colds

If you have had a heavy cold, runny nose irritate the skin, try not to RUB them, and gently wipe. Do not use handkerchiefs made of fabric – better stock up on paper napkins or handkerchiefs, preferably of soft, not saturated with flavors of paper. You can also use wet wipes with lotion or cream. Textile handkerchiefs, if you do use, choose from soft material and often change.

If you often blow your nose and wipe the nose, on the skin near the nose, you can apply any fat cream or petroleum jelly – it protects skin from excessive friction.

Try to moisturize inhaled air, do not forget to use saline sprays and drops, moisturizing the nasal mucosa, the drying of membranes can lead to an increase in the number of irritating secretions.

It is important to distinguish usual irritation under the nose that occurs when cold, from the first manifestations of herpes – herpes, the skin not only turns red, it appears fine bubbles, causing itching or tingling. Cure herpes with anti-inflammatory creams cannot – you need special antiviral ointment, and the effect of them is visible, if you apply in the first hours after the onset of rash.