Advice 1: How to get rid of the irritation under the nose during colds

Prolonged rhinitis is often caused irritation of the skin under the nose. The blame for this as the selection, enter the skin, and continuous friction - wiping nose with a tissue or napkins, you injure the skin, causing redness, swelling, and pain. Without treatment on the affected the ground can cause cracks, which can easily become infected.
How to get rid of the irritation under the nose during colds

How to cure irritation under the nose

If irritation has already appeared, to take action as soon as possible to avoid secondary infection. To relieve the pain and redness will help anti-inflammatory creams, you can use products with herbal components such as sea buckthorn oil or aloe Vera.

You can also use an ordinary children's cream, but because of the content of menthol and eucalyptus oil when applied it can cause discomfort, tingling or burning, especially if the skin is badly damaged.

Well help to relieve irritation light moisturizing creams, sesame, almond or peach oil and apply them on the affected skin in a thin layer as needed, trying not to RUB. Any rubbing will only increase inflammation, so try to touch the painful places as possible.

The repair of cracks, removal of peeling, a special wound-healing agent, for example, ointments and creams with panthenol – they stimulate tissue regeneration.

If the inflammatory process has not been stopped in time, the skin of the nose there were cracks, redness spread to the upper lip, it is better to consult a dermatologist. The resulting crust is not a rip off – in the extreme case, gently separate them, pre-lubricated with vaseline or cream, and then apply to the skin with healing tools.

How to avoid skin irritation under the nose during colds

If you have had a heavy cold, runny nose irritate the skin, try not to RUB them, and gently wipe. Do not use handkerchiefs made of fabric – better stock up on paper napkins or handkerchiefs, preferably of soft, not saturated with flavors of paper. You can also use wet wipes with lotion or cream. Textile handkerchiefs, if you do use, choose from soft material and often change.

If you often blow your nose and wipe the nose, on the skin near the nose, you can apply any fat cream or petroleum jelly – it protects skin from excessive friction.

Try to moisturize inhaled air, do not forget to use saline sprays and drops, moisturizing the nasal mucosa, the drying of membranes can lead to an increase in the number of irritating secretions.

It is important to distinguish usual irritation under the nose that occurs when cold, from the first manifestations of herpes – herpes, the skin not only turns red, it appears fine bubbles, causing itching or tingling. Cure herpes with anti-inflammatory creams cannot – you need special antiviral ointment, and the effect of them is visible, if you apply in the first hours after the onset of rash.

Advice 2: How to get rid of redness on the nose

There are two varieties of redness on the nose. These include just redness, for example, in the cold and the disease of Demodex mange. It should be noted that it is absolutely different things. Demodex mange is a result of tick-borne infection. In the first stage of the disease begins to blush just the tip of the nose. Then the redness spreads very quickly. In the end, it can cover not only the nose and cheeks, and forehead.
How to get rid of redness on the nose
First and foremost, in order to eliminate the redness on the nose, you have to understand that this is simply vasodilation, which you may well be able to cope on their own at home, or Demodex mange, you should immediately consult a doctor.
In order to understand this, note the condition of the body as a whole. Very often, menstruation, severe anxiety, stress, digestive disorders, colds, anemia, too, can cause redness of the nose. Another fairly common reason for this may be inflammation in the nostrils of hair follicles with pustules. In this case, treat the underlying disease. Redness of the nose, as a consequence, will pass by itself.
If the redness is not caused by any of the above diseases, local vascular disorders, and enlarged pores, you will radically revise your diet. Remember that rush of blood causes excessive overeating. In addition, the nose can blush after a strong coffee, tea, too hot food, alcohol, spicy foods.
If the nose reacts to sudden weather changes, try to temper. Then it will be less blush. Prepare a decoction of chamomile or sage. Two times a week to do compresses or baths. And alternate a hot compress with a cold. Finish the whole procedure of the cold. Do not go light in the winter and in the summer try not to go under direct rays of the sun. Before you go out into the cold, try a well-greased nose of melted duck or goose fat from the inside and a little outside. Then powder it to not Shine.
Try to make a decoction of lime blossom. Every morning and before bed wipe their nose. In addition, in the morning, preferably standing at an open window, do the charger nose: alternate strong and short nasal breaths. Wash with water at room temperature. Spend a light massage with fingertips.

Advice 3: What severe irritation on my lips

Irritation on the lips can occur for various reasons. To get rid of it, you must first remove the cause. Human skin has a protective function, but when exposed to aggressive substances, these functions are decreasing, here and there inflamed skin.
What severe irritation on my lips

Causes of irritations on the lips

Irritation on the lips may appear in different places. If you notice cracks or small scabs in the corners of the mouth, pay attention to the condition of the organism as a whole. These skin lesions are called races. The reason for their appearance is often a streptococcal infection. It can develop on dry, injured skin, and in compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, caries of the teeth. Also the cause of the event can be anemia, vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, lack of vitamins, improper bite and even diabetes.

Another cause of irritation on the lips may be herpes. Sores can form anywhere, from the corner of his mouth and ending with the center of the lips. Typically, this disease first appears itching, small watery pimples. They burst, form a crust. This disease can be transmitted even through the dishes.
Therefore, a person who had herpes, must have his own dishes, towel.

Some types of dermatitis accompanied by severe irritation of the lips, for example, perioral. In this disease the patient appear nodules and pustules around the mouth. The appearance of rash accompanied by itching and peeling of the skin. This disease can be caused by both external factors (environmental) and internal (endocrine disorders).
To identify dermatitis, you must pass the clinical blood.

How to get rid of the irritation on the lips

To recover the skin of the lips, it is necessary to remove the cause. This can be done with the help of a specialist. Only a doctor will be able to choose the most effective treatment. To remove race, in addition to medication, the person will need to adjust the diet, that is, to diversify its products are rich in Riboflavin. It is also necessary to treat damaged skin fukortsin and boric alcohol. For the treatment of herpes a dermatologist will be assigned antiviral therapy. And to get rid of perioral dermatitis, the patient will have to use antihistamines, hormonal ointments. In some cases, you may be assigned detoxification therapy.

People suffering from dermatitis should adhere to a diet, that is, to eliminate from the diet citrus fruits, chocolate, spicy food, spices, fish, mushrooms, meats, berries, and whole milk.
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