What kinds of diseases can scratch your nose

As a rule, by itching in the nose can be quite fast to cope, using home remedies and nasal drops made with essential oils. But if they don't help and the nose continued to itch, be sure to consult a doctor.

Constant itching of the skin of the nose can be caused by skin diseases - eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, certain species of lichen. In addition, the nose may itch due to scabies (a disease caused by cessationism mite), as well as in the healing of abrasions, scratches. There are times when the skin of the nose itches due to diseases associated with the endocrine system, e.g. diabetes.
Burning of the skin of the nose can also be due to sunburns or the bites of blood-sucking insects – mosquitoes, bedbugs.

Why itchy nasal mucosa

The most common cause periodic itching of nose inside is allergic to some external stimulus. For example, in the spring and early summer many people suffer from so-called hay fever or pollinosis. The disease caused by pollen of certain plants that provoke an allergic reaction. Usually, in addition to itching of the nasal mucosa, in people suffering from hay fever, itchy and watery eyes, there is a strong runny nose and frequent sneezing. The eyelids may swell, eye blush.

To relieve the symptoms of hay fever may be taking antihistamines, irrigating the eyes and nasal passages with water or decoction of herbs, using a protective gauze mask. If the Allergy is strong, during flowering you should get away from the allergen.

Allergies can also be caused by pet dander, dust, certain foods, drinks, and drugs.
In these cases, you must identify the allergen and minimize the chance of contact with him.

The mucosa of the nose can also itch in those cases when it becomes too dry. It usually occurs in low humidity air (for example, during the dry and hot summer or in cold seasons, when the dwelling is often heated with heaters). To get rid of dryness, it is necessary to wash the nose with sea water.

Finally, the nasal mucosa may itch in the nervous system, that is, when experiences stress. Once the stressful situation passes, the burning and itching of the skin of the nose usually ends quickly. If itching persists, grows you need to see a specialist for tests and appointments necessary treatment.