How can you get rid of colds acne? This problem is a quick solution is not amenable. If you have a tendency to catarrhal inflammation, try not to SuperCool. If you froze on the street, come home, do all the faster to stay warm. Drink a Cup of hot tea, take a hot bath.
In the case of the cold face of acne try to treat the sore place the tea tree oil. Use this oil 2-3 times a day to dry a pimple. You can also burn these pimples salicylic and boric acid. Can help pharmacy mash type "Tsindol".
For the outer struggle with colds pimples can I use ointment "Acyclovir" or "Regeln". Sometimes the clay or mud mask with sea minerals. They are applied to the area of inflammation for 15 minutes, then wash off.
Colds acne is boils. In no event it is impossible to squeeze, so as to infect nearby tissues.
For the treatment of boils many use Vishnevsky ointment, unless, of course, do not mind the smell. If such inflammation you have often, so not everything is in order with your immune system. To get rid of this trouble, you need to boost your immune system. You can take b complex, brewer's yeast, sulphur.
To get rid of acne forever cold, do not self-medicate. Consult a doctor-immunologist. Most likely, you will have to pass tests that the doctor has identified the cause of the disease and correct treatment. Often the cause of boils is Staphylococcus aureus, which causes inflammation that are difficult to treat.
The reason of occurrence of boils can be herpes. Then treatment should be aimed at ridding your body of this virus.