Causes of peeling around the nose

The most common cause of peeling skin on the nose or around it is insufficient wetting characteristic when properly selected cosmetics. Cosmetic products must be saturated fats and does not contain in its composition of lanolin, which is a strong allergen.

Long cold provokes flaking near the nose wings. Mainly peeling of this kind are immediately after getting rid of a cold.

Allergy can cause skin peeling along with redness, sneezing and itching. In this case you need the help of a specialist who will help identify the causes of allergic reactions and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

If flaky skin around the nose, it may be the result of an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane. So the first thing you need to eliminate the inflammation, restoring the ability of the epidermis to its natural moisture. To remove the peeling around the nose during a vitamin will help course of reception of vitamins.

A weakened immune system often causes activation of the fungus that causes flaking, redness of the nose wings and the development of such diseases as facial seborrhea. The treatment of this problem a more thorough and takes a long period of time, including a special diet, intake of vitamins and minerals, antibacterial and antifungal drugs. To consolidate the course of treatment are special beauty treatments that soothe the skin, improve blood circulation and strengthen the epidermis in okolonogtevoy area.

Ways to get rid of peeling around the nose

Dried flakes of epidermis near the nose can be removed by dabbing them with water. Then clean the area of skin you need to handle moisturiser. It is impossible to scrape off dead skin fragments, as you can damage the epidermis underneath. Frequent use of Foundation or powder on flaky areas around the nose, impeding the treatment process in this area.

In the treatment of flaky skin around the nose is very important to identify the cause of this problem. If self-treatment does not bring the desired results, it requires urgent specialist consultation. With proper and timely treatment can avoid the unpleasant consequences of the disease.