1. Clothing. If you plan to stay outdoors, then you need to dress properly. Shirt and jacket with long sleeves,boxy trousers and socks will protect the body from bites.
  2. Gas attack. Mosquitoes are extremely sensitive to smells. They do not like the aroma of Basil, thyme, mint, rosemary and calendula. Planted at home or in the country these plants will keep the influx of uninvited guests.
  3. Away from the water. Mosquitoes thrive in the aquatic environment. Even small containers of water can lead to their rapid emergence. In order not to become subject to attacks by insects, you should avoid ponds, lakes and other similar places, especially in the evening and at night.
  4. Apple cider vinegar – mosquitoes just hate him. Enough to RUB a few drops into the skin to for a few hours to forget the annoying "neighbors."
  5. Various means (repellents). In the store and a pharmacy you can buy spray, body butter, candles and other means to protect from insects.
  6. Mosquito netting is a great way to protect the room from insects. They are divided into two types: sliding and stationary.
  7. Aromatic essential oils. Smells of vanilla, lavender, eucalyptus and even Catnip repel mosquitoes. You can mix any oil with water and spray it on a body or clothes. Essential smell will hide the human scent that so strongly attracts pests.