Advice 1: Folk remedies mosquito repellent: how to scare away insects

Mosquitoes and annoying gnats can spoil all the pleasure of staying in the country or a walk in the fresh air, and in the apartment they are not hid. The industry produces a lot of funds to fight the insects, but many of them cause allergies, and too often using them is not recommended. But you can replace the specific drugs tested folk remedies from mosquito bites that deter you from insects.
Folk remedies mosquito repellent: how to scare away insects

Essential oils against insect bites

To get rid of mosquitoes, midges and ticks will help essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, clove, thyme, geranium or lavender.

If you are good to carry the contact of oil with skin – you can mix 20 drops of any "mosquito" oil with 30 grams of any base oil (best grape seed or wheat germ), and apply the mixture on exposed skin. You can "enrich" essential oil, baby oil, cream or vaseline.

If you wary to the idea to apply essential oils to the skin – you can dribble them in a medallion jug and carry it on the neck.

The apartment or country house, you can add essential oils in aroma lamps and put them by open Windows. Another option is to soak a mixture of oil cloth for the night and put it next to the bed.

Spicy cloves from mosquitoes

Proven and very effective folk remedy for mosquito bites – carnation, a popular spice. The peculiar smell of clove buds are pleasing to humans, but insects cannot tolerate it.

A tablespoon of cloves, pour a glass of cold water on slow fire, bring to a boil, wait until cool and strain. Cotton swab apply a clove decoction on exposed skin, you can spray them and clothes. It will provide you protection for several hours.

Cloves can be used for the replacement of the antimosquito fumigator or spiral. Cut the lemon into thick slices and stick them in clove buds. Citrus-spicy scent is usually associated with the Christmas atmosphere, but also as insect repellent works fine. Place the arrangement next to the bed or table on the veranda and insects will not bother you.

Vanillin – an effective remedy for mosquitoes and midges

The vanilla scent associated with fresh pastries. In comparison with the cloves, this scent is much softer and cook vanilla lotion against mosquitoes is much easier.

Dissolve a teaspoon of vanilla in a glass of water – and the remedy is ready. Soak in solution a cotton pad and wipe exposed skin. You can also spray vanilla water, clothes or room.

A particularly valuable solution of vanillin in cases when we are talking about the annoying flies and scare her off harder than the mosquitoes, and even special funds are not always cope with this task. And vanilla provide a good protection against midges.

The vanilla is not necessary to use the solution: add half a teaspoon of vanilla powder 50 grams baby cream, then mix thoroughly. The resulting aromatic cream applied to the skin, to exude a "sweet" fragrance and enjoy your life without mosquitoes.

Herbal mosquito repellent: wormwood, Wheatgrass and Valerian

Another old and proven folk remedy from mosquito bites – decoctions of Valerian root, sage or wheat grass.

A half-liter of water we need to take a handful of chopped roots of any of these plants, bring to a boil over low heat, then pour into a thermos and infuse for 30-60 minutes, then strain and allow to cool.

The resulting tool, wipe exposed areas of the body and sprayed the clothes is able to protect from mosquito bites for 4-5 hours. However, Valerian should exercise caution in using cat owners: the smell of Valerian will scare away mosquitoes, but guaranteed to attract the unwanted attention of a pet.

Mosquito repellent from home kit: camphor and the Asterisk

If the home kit is camphor drugs – they can also do a good job in insect repellent. Any camperstrike remedy for external use it is possible to slowly RUB the skin behind the ears or lubricate the wrist. And to chase away mosquitoes from your home, you can boil water in a small saucepan, add a few drops and boil for a few minutes – fragrant camphor vapor will force the insects to leave the premises.

Another great way to deter mosquitoes – Vietnamese balm "gold star" is widely known under the name "star". Contains clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and peppermint oil, and this "cocktail", a point applied to the skin in small quantities, quite effectively protects from mosquitoes. However, it is not necessary to use the available, also "Star" not recommended for children under the age of five.

Cologne "Carnation": the best alcohol-based remedies

The smell of alcohol, blood-sucking pests also dislike, so for short-term protection can be treated the skin with alcohol, vodka or even cognac. However, the best alcohol folk remedy against mosquitoes is the Cologne "Carnation", which includes the extract of the flowers of clove.

It is an inexpensive Cologne with a rather pungent odor, which many people think is unpleasant. However, as a mosquito repellent "Carnation" is very good. A small amount of Cologne is applied to your skin or clothing, providing protection from insects for a few hours.


Advice 2 : How to protect yourself from mosquitoes while camping

Summer is the best time for vacation. Some prefer to hold it in the hot countries, others in the city or in the country. In the resorts, as a rule, bite rates, and in their native woods or on the river – biting mosquitoes. To defend against these annoying buzzing insects while camping is not so difficult.
How to protect yourself from mosquitoes while camping
You will need
  • - the roots of couch grass, cinnamon, anise, pine or eucalyptus oil, onions, pine or spruce cones, Valerian, juniper, clove, Basil, cherry, tobacco, sprays, creams and gels for protection against mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are very sensitive to different flavors. That's why almost all the funds intended for protection against mosquitoes based on the use of plants that emit unpleasant odors.
It is reliable to protect yourself from mosquitoes while camping will help ordinary weed – couch grass, growing in almost all forest clearings. Take a handful of chopped roots of this plant, put them in a pot, pour two cups of water, boil and cool. The resulting broth wipe the exposed parts of the body.
Don't like mosquitoes and the smell of cinnamon. Mix a bag of ground cinnamon with a glass of cold water and boil the resulting solution gauze or any other fabric. The dried material is put on top of the headdress or hang on the perimeter of the site chosen for a vacation.
If your backpack was anise, pine or eucalyptus oil, you can safely use it as a means to protect from mosquitoes. Brush over the exposed areas of the body or drip a few drops into the fire. Spread around you or your place to relax specific scent will scare away annoying insects.
If your calm you more for the opinions of people, protect yourself from mosquitoes by using onion. Cut the onion in half and brush her all exposed areas of the body. But most likely, coming from you, the smell will repel not only mosquitoes, but also your friends.
To protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes that spread the fire of fir or pine cones. To repellent remedies include Valerian, juniper, clove, Basil, cherry, and tobacco smoke.
There are many special repellents (creams, gels and spray) for protection against mosquitoes, which apply on open skin and clothes. How to use a particular tool specified in the attached instructions. With proper use of repellents to your rest can not hurt even a mosquito.

Advice 3 : How to get rid of mosquitoes using odor

Mosquitoes can pester us and at the cottage and in the apartment. To get rid of bites and Intrusive kitchen at C grade, we smear ourselves with protective cream, run to the shops for fumigators, hang on the window of a special mosquito nets. However, to deal with mosquitoes becomes much easier if you know exactly what scents they hate.
How to get rid of mosquitoes using odor
If you decide to go to the forest to barbecues, don't forget to grab sprigs of juniper. The fact that the combustion in the fire juniper thins a special flavor that can kill all the mosquitos for a few meters around.
For a simple walk in the woods to get dressed so that exposed areas of the body as much as possible. All those areas of the skin that close did not work, you should RUB the fresh leaves of mountain ash or cherry.
Insects like to stick to the face. However, a decoction of the roots of wormwood is able to save from a similar misfortune. The broth is done: the roots of wormwood chopped, pour a liter of water, brought to the boil and infuse for about half an hour. After cooking, you only need to generously wash his face.
Particularly effective in the fight against mosquitoes the essential oil of eucalyptus, Basil, clove, anise. To permanently banish the insects from your house, is wet with oil of these plants a piece of fleece and put it near the window sill.
If you want to protect your apartment from mosquitoes, but decorate it, put in a vase with fresh branches of an elder. The smell repels many insects.
A large room, you can get rid of mosquitoes in no time, vaporizing above the fire source 100 grams of camphor or Valerian.
Do not rush to the store for a replacement unit for electric fumigator. Instead, you can fill the empty bottle one hundred percent the extract of eucalyptus.

Advice 4 : How to deal with mosquitoes

Summer, fun, vacation and... mosquitoes. This scenario is repeated from year to year. How to effectively deal with them?
How to deal with mosquitoes
  1. Clothing. If you plan to stay outdoors, then you need to dress properly. Shirt and jacket with long sleeves,boxy trousers and socks will protect the body from bites.
  2. Gas attack. Mosquitoes are extremely sensitive to smells. They do not like the aroma of Basil, thyme, mint, rosemary and calendula. Planted at home or in the country these plants will keep the influx of uninvited guests.
  3. Away from the water. Mosquitoes thrive in the aquatic environment. Even small containers of water can lead to their rapid emergence. In order not to become subject to attacks by insects, you should avoid ponds, lakes and other similar places, especially in the evening and at night.
  4. Apple cider vinegar – mosquitoes just hate him. Enough to RUB a few drops into the skin to for a few hours to forget the annoying "neighbors."
  5. Various means (repellents). In the store and a pharmacy you can buy spray, body butter, candles and other means to protect from insects.
  6. Mosquito netting is a great way to protect the room from insects. They are divided into two types: sliding and stationary.
  7. Aromatic essential oils. Smells of vanilla, lavender, eucalyptus and even Catnip repel mosquitoes. You can mix any oil with water and spray it on a body or clothes. Essential smell will hide the human scent that so strongly attracts pests.
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