You will need
  • - mosquito nets;
  • - plug-in vaporizer;
  • - essential oils;
  • - turpentine or formalin;
  • - candle;
  • - tomato tops.
If you are looking for a path to rid your home from pesky mosquitoes, the first thing to put mesh on the Windows. Fortunately, the choice is huge: you can buy a regular grid with a small cell and attach it using drawing pins to a wooden frame or order a grid frame, which can at any time to remove. Install them on all Windows that are regularly open. For best results, treat the grid with protective agents.
It is known that mosquitoes, like other insects, quite sensitive to different smells. This factor can be successfully used in the fight against blood-sucking insects. But do not forget that mosquitoes love the smell of dampness and sweat. Eliminate it, then your future actions will have great success. Mosquitoes just can not stand the odor of tomato foliage. Grow on your windowsill or balcony a few pots of this plant, which will serve as a reliable barrier in the hot season from insects.
Mosquitoes also hate the smell of anise, cedar, geranium, cloves and eucalyptus. Take a twig and moisten it with one of these essential oils, put on the windowsill. In addition to these oils to deterrent means can be attributed to the smell of Valerian, fresh leaves of walnut, spruce and pine cones, as well as tobacco smoke and smoke from the dried needles of juniper.
Pour into a saucer a small quantity of turpentine and put in the middle of the room, close the Windows and doors, step out of the room. Some time later euthanized mosquitoes will fall to the floor, will only have to take a broom and sweep them, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Then ventilate the room the smell of turpentine. You can use the following method: pour into a saucer of water, add the formaldehyde and next light the candle.
More often people use insect repellents and fumigants to combat mosquitoes. In apartments it is recommended to use elektropusher devices consisting of a heating unit and plates, which are impregnated with harmful insects. The heat simultaneously causes the substance to evaporate, and serves as bait for mosquitoes.