Take out the garbage. As a favorite habitat of midges is decaying plant residues, to inspect all food supplies for damage. Loop through all the stocks that are long – potatoes, apples, pears, onions, etc. If the cabinets with food there are open packages with cereals, condiments, or nuts, need to go through and throw out spoiled food. Check the tightness of jars with jams or compotes.
The bathroom food source for midges may be some kind of chemical – check all cleaning products. All sinks must be clean and washed – in remnants of food stuck gnats multiply rapidly.
Set traps around the apartment. If the source is resolved, we should round up all the remaining bugs. Small black flies can be attracted by the smell of food to lure into a trap from which they cannot depart. Roll a sheet of paper funnel, she cut the tip and place in a glass jar with bait. As bait is good to use a piece of dried fruit or some juice.
In plastic cups put a piece of fruit, a few drops of juice or a wet tea bag. On top of the glass tighten with cling film and do it in the openings through which flies can enter the container. These glasses have to be arranged in those places where the most common gnats.
Keep the house clean. Do not leave leftover food in the plates, wash the dishes immediately. Every day take out the garbage, do wet cleaning, inspect the products and remove those that have begun to rot. Eliminate plumbing problems and ensure that wastewater does not accumulate dirt.
Treat the room with special chemicals. If no live children and Pets, and you want to get rid of small black flies, it is necessary to spray the corners and places where flying parasites insecticidal preparations. Leave the apartment for a few hours, then come back, wash all surfaces and ventilate the room.
Care for plants correctly. Less watering plants for watering and use less water, keep the soil slightly dry, loosen the soil, water the ground with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or soap and water.