Miraculous protective agent against annoying insects can be cooked with his own hands from simple ingredients that are in every home: cheap and reliable.

For preparation will need:

  • vegetable oil (olive better, although suitable and corn, and sunflower)
  • shampoo (you can substitute allspice with liquid soap or scented shower gel)
  • 9% vinegar (if necessary, you can use vinegar diluted with water - one scoop 70% of the essence 7 tablespoons of plain water)

All three ingredients you need to mix in porcelain or plastic container into a homogeneous mass. She will look like the emulsion of white color. To prepare such emulsion can and large portions, and small. The finished mixture can be poured into a plastic bottle with a screw cap (e.g. from hair dyes or mineral water). The emulsion can be kept in a cool place and you can take with you to the cottage or in the forest expedition. For mosquito protection, it is sufficient to apply the mixture on the exposed areas of the body and painful bites are not afraid of you.


What if mosquitoes had already managed to bite, and the skin had itchy painful blisters? The main thing - do not brush the damaged place on the skin. Scratched the bite will take longer to heal, to spoil the appearance. Besides, scratching the bite of a mosquito, you can inadvertently get infected.

When the mosquito bites, it is recommended to wash the bite with soap and water and apply:

  • Soda solution (1 tbsp to a glass of warm water). They lubricate the affected places. You can do the compress for 10-15 minutes.
  • Pink solution of manganese.
  • Ammonia.
  • 9% vinegar.
  • The fresh lemon juice.
  • The pulp of the green onions (you can cook with the help of a blender).
  • Slurry of a mixture of mint, parsley, wild cherry, plantain.
  • Finely grated or crushed garlic cloves.
  • Valocordin or Korvalol (to wet the cotton wool and RUB the itchy places).
  • A solution in alcohol of Arnica and/or calendula (if there is ointment based on them - you can use it).

Treating wounds can oils that will have a anesthetic effect, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect:

  • essential oil of clove;
  • tea tree oil;
  • pine oil.

Outings, or working in the garden, take care of safety and comfort for you and you reimburse spent this time in a good mood, restful sleep and a good rest.