Advice 1: How to starch things

Long time Housewives, taking care of the beauty, the cleanliness of their home and nurturing their well-groomed, practiced krahmaleva linen and some clothes. This simple procedure today gives the product a neater appearance, protects it from rapid contamination. In addition, starched things less rumpled.
To give things the desired gloss
You will need
  • On the shelves you can see a lot of ready and efficient means of appretiare (e.g., drugs included in the polyvinyl acetate emulsion). However, it remains a respected and timeless way to give the fabric density in the home remains common starch: potato, corn, rice.
  • Depending on the desired stiffness cromaline the solution to impregnate textiles, make various thickness.
  • Very soft starching if:
  • 5 g of starch (half a teaspoon) in 2 l of water.
  • Soft starching if:
  • 15-20 grams of starch (two teaspoons) - 2 liters of water.
  • The average starching if:
  • 25-30 g of starch (three teaspoons) to 2 litres of water.
  • For strict proportion is chosen adjusted to the required degree of stiffness of cloth (cromaline collars and cuffs, fabrics, DIY, etc.).
Prepare starch milk - stir starch in a little cold water. In another suitable container water to boil. A thin stream pour cold starch suspension into the boiling water, stirring constantly brewed paste.
Strain the resulting mass through cheesecloth or a fine sieve (lumps and clots should not be). Add a measure of water at room temperature, keeping the selected ratio of fluid and starch. Stir the paste.
Lower the carefully washed, washed away and evenly pressed clothes in the solution for 10-20 minutes. Slightly press. Dry up to such an extent that the underwear was a little wet. Ironed not very hot iron.
It is not recommended to starch the linen for small children. For baby's delicate skin it would be too hard and also will not pass air and moisture. Do not dry starchy things in the cold.
Useful advice
The paste is of high quality, if it is transparent and adhesive. If it turned out muddy and "non-sticky", boil it for 5 minutes.

Corn starch requires mandatory boiling.
For "frosty freshness" color podkarantinnogo of linen, water for paste to podsiniy.

Shine underwear will give added to the starch a pinch of salt or sugar.

Advice 2 : How to starch clothes

White collars and cuffs irreproachable shape, perustuvaa linen, beautiful smooth curtains – all the result of nekrahmalistye. How to starch clothes, knew our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. But modern Housewives are actively using this ancient method.
Starched dress looks elegant
You will need
  • basin, starch, water, iron.
Prepare the clothesyou want to starch. Be sure to remove yellow stains in case of their presence. To remove stains you can use hydrogen peroxide – it is necessary to wet the stain and put the thing into the sunlight. The stain should disappear.
Prepare solution for nekrahmalistye by dissolving a teaspoon of starch in a liter of clean, warm water. Use a glass or enamel bowl. This solution is perfect for nekrahmalistye dresses, blouses, collars and cuffs. Tissue that best lend themselves to this procedure - Baptiste, chiffon, Voile muslin, gauze.
Put in the prepared solution the thing you want to starch. Stir gently, ensuring uniform impregnation of the starch. Note that it is not recommended for nekrahmalistye those things that are very snug to the body (underwear, tight shirts, and so on).
Remove the thing from the solution, gently squeeze and very dry. If the thing is made from tulle fabric, leave to dry on a special frame on which you will be able to stretch the starched sweater or blouse. If you have cromaline knitted thing, wring out the excess solution, give the product the desired shape and let it final dry.
Wait until things dry out. Gently sprinkle them with water, ensuring uniform impregnation, let me lie down for a couple of hours and fix with an iron. Do not place the iron on the maximum mark – enough to slightly heat it.
Starched things are best kept in the closet on hangers. If properly starched clothes, it will be less dirty and wrinkle-free. Appearance-starched clothing festive and beautiful. Unless you specifically want to starch clothes, use washing powder with the effect of nekrahmalistye.
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