Starchy things give solemnity to the situation. In addition, they have a great look and maintain shape longer, less rumpled and dirty. Naturally, not all linen should be starch. For example, it is not necessary to do of underwear or bedding, as they no longer pass air. But tablecloths, napkins, collars and cuffs of blouses and tulle gluten-no cost.
There are several ways to cromaline: soft, medium and hard. For soft podrabatyvaya take 1 tsp. of starch per liter of water. In this way starch dresses and blouses. With an average starching if enough 2 tsp starch per liter of water. First stir the starch in a little cold water, then pour it boiling water. Don't forget to stir the solution to avoid clots. A little more – about 2 tbsp, you will need to hard cromaline. Starched things must be pressed and wrapped in cloth. When Ironing they have to be wet. But before stroking, lay things on the table and wipe them with a rag. Thus, you will be able to evenly distribute the starch and to remove its surplus.
Tulle is usually starch gently. It is necessary to prepare a solution in the form of paste. So, take 2 tbsp corn starch and stir in a little cold water. Add to this a solution of hot water and heat it until it until transparent starch paste. It is necessary to continuously stir the paste that you have not formed lumps. If this could not be avoided, strain the resulting paste through a strainer or cheesecloth. Then add to the solution the desired amount of cold water and mix thoroughly. Dip things in it about half an hour. Then press the tulle, slightly dry and iron wet.