In simple way you'll need a starch. The most common starch is potato, which can be found in any store. There is also wheat and corn. It can also be used when nekrahmalistye products. For thin fabric, such as chiffon, tulle, Batiste, gauze, enough from six to nine grams of starch in one liter of water, for a dense enough ten or twelve grams. In order to achieve the greatest density, add a little more starch.

  1. For bedding, blouses and dresses (soft tissue) should be diluted with one or half a teaspoon of starch in one liter of water.

  2. Napkins, tablecloths and men's shirts starch solution (semi-fabric) – one tablespoon of starch in one liter of water.

  3. For cuffs and collar (hard tissue) dilute two tablespoon in one liter of water.

Now you need to cook the paste – the starch diluted in cold water, then add hot water and carefully move to get rid of the clots. The consistency of the paste must be transparent and stringy. If the solution is turbid, it must be boiled for five minutes. In the finished composition is added a little water and put the item that need to starch. The clothes neatly pressed and dried. To dry the starched fabric should be slightly apresov water. Then the product must lie down for several hours and go South with iron. The method is suitable for hems of skirts with ruffles and other bulk products.

To starch the fabric stiff chromaline method, you'll need additional components. Additives are rice or maize starch, boric sodium salt. Starch (50 gr.) diluted in one liter of cold water. The solution should remind of starch milk. Sodium (15 g.) dissolve separately in hot water in a glass, then cooled and added to a solution of starch. Infused for one or two hours. When the mixture is ready, it is possible to omit the product. Then the clothes are pressed and cracked down on a clean white cloth. Wet product should be ironed.