To linen was only slightly podkrashennym, dissolve in a liter of water in just 2.5 g of starch. Mix thoroughly and immerse the thing for a few minutes in the solution, a little squeeze and air dry. This method process: the lower underwear, pajamas and underwear shirts.
Linen will get a little tougher if in a liter of water add 8 g of starch. This concentration is used to nekrahmalistye blouses, dresses, tulle and linen. Don't forget to follow the dosage of starch, then things will be pleasant to the touch.
For nekrahmalistye men's shirts (cuffs and collars) use a solution of high concentration, about 5 hours spoons per litre of cold water. Stir and add in starch solution of borax. Before you enter the borax, it should be diluted in a glass of hot water (1 teaspoon per Cup of boiling water, then cool and enter with constant stirring in the diluted starch. Wait for about 60 minutes, the solution should stand for, the passage of time, stir it at times and thoroughly impregnate the sleeves and the cuffs of his shirt. After treatment the starch be sure to iron the product.
There is a way for the lazy. Dissolve starch in water (5 g or 16 g in 30-40 ml of water). The resulting solution add a compartment for the air conditioner when the washer will take water, starch will merge into the drum. This way things will be only slightly podkramarska. To increase stiffness I can add a little more starch, but do not overdo it. To pick up the exact dosage is impossible the first time, because all the cars take different amount of water, and therefore the concentration of starch may differ significantly.
Sold and special powders and liquids, which are used as hand-washing and machine. Add them in accordance with the directions on the package. Try to observe the exact dosage so you don't have to propolasquivati linen.